National Tours is a small company with a young, motivated and creative team. We hope that the company will keep on growing in the coming years.


As Omani, he is not only a sponsor but also a co-founder of the company. He is also responsible, in addition to the government affairs, for the development of the agency. he is the backbone of national tours and gives the company its stability.




After her apprenticeship as a travel agent and two years as a employed tourguide in salalah, she founded the company with Saad and brought in the necessary tourism know-how. As a self-sufficient all-rounder, she is responsible for everything the agency is holding; From the preparation, through the organization, marketing, finance, further development, planning and realization of events, to the personal answering of all e-mails. As a German, she provides all guests with advice and assistance, even before the holiday, of course meanwhile , but also afterwards. she is the head and heart of national tours, keeps the company alive and is constantly developing it further.

Anissa   Anissa   Anissa




Ali is Omani and has worked exclusively with National Tours since the company was founded. Since Ali was born and raised in Salalah, his know-how is outstanding in every area, especially in the south of Oman. Not only, but especially when it comes to desert tours, Ali is our man with his special knowledge, particularly for sand and dunes. His knowledge, coupled with his charming and humorous nature, make every tour an experience. Ali's mother tongue is Arabic, so he can communicate well with all the locals. He can convey his experiences, insights and perspectives to the guests in fluent English in an entertaining and exciting way.

Although Ali does not work for but only with National Tours, he has been supporting the company from its beginnings whenever he can and puts a smile on every guest's face. He is National Tours' index finger on the right hand and an important team member for the company.

She was born in Muscat as a Saluki-Mix (desert dog) and moved to Salalah in 2016 as an emergency solution.
She became a part-time tour dog and loves to make new friends whenever she can. If it turns out, she becomes part of the tours and amuses the guests with her lovable nature.
Her hobbies are driving in the car, playing in the sand and climbing mountains, but what she does not like at all is water (not overly irritating for a desert dog) .
She is the left leg of National Tours, keeps us moving and motivates us every day.

Bought in Dubai 2014, she was the first car used for our tours. a German car with a German guide, in the color gold, made the tours a bit more special and famous.
This car was our first love but got retired in 2015.

Chantalle   Chantalle   Chantalle