All important information for your stay in Salalah / Oman can be found in our navigation point "guest information".
For guests who have booked or are planning to book excursions, here are the most important information summarized specifically, so that the trip can be prepared in the best possible way:

Please note that drunken guests can not participate in the excursions.

Dates for excursions:
The dates for excursions we try (according to availability) to adapt to your wishes. The sooner you can set a day, the greater the likelihood that it will work according to your wish. It can theoretically also work at the last minute (for example the day before), but we can not guarantee that in general because the capacity is limited.
Our tip: Contact us as early as possible, so we can also perform an optimal consultation.

Pick up for excursions:
The pick up for booked trips is always from the hotel directly by the tour guide. Details about the guide and his car will be sent to you no later than 2 days before the tour day via Whatsapp or email.

Drinks during our excursions:
Drinks are sufficient and cooled during all tours offered on the homepage.

Meals / Lunch during our excursions:
Usually we have no lunch included.

Depending on the tour, duration and your hotel, our recommendations will vary accordingly.
For more detailed information and tips, please contact us by e-mail.

You can pay for the excursions on the day of the tour with the guide in cash, whether € or OMR is up to you.

Please also have a look on our information on the dress code.