From the airport to the hotel

After leaving the airport entrance hall, turn right immediately and walk straight to a small house. In this house is the station for taxi drivers. The building is not marked as a taxi station. Currently there is even a sign on the door to find, that you can not enter. If you see people sitting in there, please go anyway. Probably the taxi drivers will also point out that you have to go in there first. When you are in, tell the gentleman where you want to go. They will tell you the price and issue a receipt, but you will not pay here.
With the receipt you go out again and find on the right side a small corridor, which is marked by a silver railing. There, you go through and you will already see the taxi drivers and their cars there. Certainly, a taxi driver will come to you immediately and take the receipt and baggage from you. Go with him and pay him the indicated price. He will take you to the right hotel. Attention! Usually, the taxi drivers have small cars, so if you have a lot of luggage you can mostly only use the taxi for two people + luggage.
In rare cases, there are also slightly larger cars where you can find three or even four people to fit in. If there is no such car in the line, you can not call anybody, but if you see one, even if it is not first, you can choose this car, otherwise the taxis will go on tour in turn.


From the hotel to the airport

There are two ways to get a taxi from here. Either you ask at the reception so they can call you a taxi or you can find a taxi stand in some hotels in front of the door. The prices for the airport are fixed again, as on arrival, and in this case you do not need a receipt before. If you do not want to go to the airport, but just reach a point in the city, then you must negotiate the price of the excursion or the route in advance.
The reception may assist you. In addition, you should pay the price discussed before going anywhere with the taxi driver, so that afterwards he can not change the price anymore. Even taxi drivers have the opportunity to write you an invoice, so you can afterwards prove that the tour has already been paid. If you agree with the taxi driver that he brings you back and forth, you still pay only half the price on the outward journey. Only when he actually returns at the agreed time will you pay the second half.


From any location back to the hotel

If you want to get back to the hotel from a sight, there are several options. In known places, e.g. the souk or the shopping mall, you will always find taxis that are waiting for tourists. In most cases, you are automatically addressed as a tourist, if you need a taxi. If you are on foot in the city, you will often hear a horn or even see a taxi that drives slowly next to you. When a taxi uses the horn, it wants to catch your eye. Generally, in Oman, you stop a taxi by giving a hand signal. If a taxi is already full, it will just continue driving.
In Oman, however, there are also collection taxis, which means, a taxi may also stop, even though it has already loaded passengers. If you decide to go with them, it may be, that previously several stations are approached. Nevertheless, you should negotiate the price beforehand and make sure that this is lower than if you take the taxi alone.



There are no taxi stations in Salalah. All taxi drivers are self-employed. Only the prices, which you find on the price lists at the taxi parking lots, are fixed. From the airport to the hotel or from the hotel to the airport. Everything else is indicative, which in most cases are also used (for example, from the hotel to the city or back). If you want to travel another route by taxi, you should always negotiate the price in advance. However, this is in the discretion of the taxi driver and can vary from taxi driver to taxi driver.




approximate taxi prices for orientation
No. Start Location
Destination Price
in OMR
1 Salalah Salalah City Center - Al Hafa - Al Baleed 7
2 Airport Hotels & Ressorts (Hilton, Crowne Plaza) 10
3 Hilton,
Crown Plaza
Salalah City, Airport 5
4 Rotana,
Juweira Boutique,
Al Fanar
Al Mughsail / blowholes 20
5 Salalah City,
Rotana, Juweira Boutique,
Al Fanar
6 Salalah City,
Marriott Hotel 30
7 Salalah Raysut (Port + Industrial Estate) 10
8 Salalah Al Mughsail 15
9 Salalah Taqah City Center 15
10 Salalah Mirbat City Center 25
11 Salalah Sadah City Center 35
12 Salalah Thumrait City Center 30
13 Salalah Rakhyut City Center 35
14 Salalah Dalkut City Center 45
15 Salalah Shaleem City Center,
Halanyat Islands
16 Salalah Muqshan City Center 50
17 Salalah Mazyouna City Center 50


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